The Brain, Spirituality, and Religion

The Interdisciplinary Program in Cognitive Science Presents a symposium:

The Brain, Spirituality, And religion

Friday Feb 26, 10:00am-1:00pm
ICC Auditorium
Georgetown University


10:00      Welcome and opening remarks      
Dr. Fathali Moghaddam (Georgetown University)

10:05          The development of religion-relevant cognitive biases  
Dr. Deb Kelemen (Boston University)

10:25      When the brain believes: what neuroimaging can tell us about our deeply held beliefs and values
Dr. Jonas Kaplan (University of Southern California)

10:45          The neural basis of religious belief   
Dr. Jordan Grafman (Northwestern University)

11:05         Religion and the Brain in Buddhism  
Dr. Fran Cho (Georgetown University)

11:25          Critical commentary  
Dr. Max Riesenhuber  (Georgetown University)

11:40        Questions and General discussion

12:00        Lunch